Essun reborn

April 13, 2022

As a child she is proud and hardworking, as a young woman, she is arrogant, enthusiastic, curious, ambitious, and frustrated by a lack of recognition of her qualities, and also by the limits of her abilities. As Essun, finally she has become more grounded, patient and determined, and she has grown into a powerful capable woman who is enraged at the way the world is.

And I quote from the Futurotopixs Feministxs blog

Essun was born 3 times

A first time in 2015 in the mind of N.K. Jemisin when she initiated the SF/Fantasy trilogy of “The broken Earth series” with Essun as her heroine, a survivor of the adversity in this future world.

A second time in December 2020 in the frozen kitchen of Calafou, when the communication team re-installed its internal server and migrated its identity from Omnius to Essun, installing this tangible reality on the mezzanine of this community space.

Finally, on 30.03.2022, a carnal entity was born, a little post-apocalyptic baby, heir to these imaginary worlds, to this silicium, to the love of her parents.

Essun Lili Xul will live between France and Spain, between imaginary worlds and alternative realities, we hope to introduce her to you very soon.

Obelisk gate


Written by Witches flying about, while thinking headology thoughts.